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Monday, 16 May 2011

leave me alone!!

Kenape la korang ingat aq still ade hati ngan dye?? Aq x ske kat dye la.. Nape susah sangat nak faham?

Salah ke kalau aq just kawan ngan dye?
Salah ke klu aq mesej ngan dye?

Friday, 29 April 2011

I'm sorry if i was wrong...

okay, if it's not me.. fine.. but the way you say it it's describe me.. bcoz we both said "dongho n jaejoong aq punyer" at fb.. and I post an entry without tagging your name.. so, please understand if i get it wrong and thought that she/he was me..

p/s: sorry, kalau aq salah.. I'm sorry.. lain kali post molek skit bg klu kalau btul bkn aq yg ko mksudkan.. bereh?

Because of that silly reason you called me a .....??

Please don't do this..  Why do you called me B....? only because i like dongho and jaejoong too? they are idol and there's nothing wrong if I like them too.. If only you can like them how about their other fans?.. there were thousands of them..
when did I take your BFF away from you? and when did I snatch your life away?
what's wrong if I don't tag your name in my fb entry? it's only about a drama that I watch and I does'nt have any space left to tag your name.. but still it's not a big deal..

A friend cannot be considered as friends until he is tested in three occasions in time of need, behind your back and until after your death. you know what? you just failed as a friend..

Monday, 25 April 2011

my very first time being a blogger..

Assalamualaikum.. hello..
Today, 25 April 2011, is my first time posting on this blog.. I think I will be posting in english and malay.. coz my english isn't that good.. hahaha..

About me:
- I am 18 years old and a big fan of K-pop..
- I am really open about anything..
- I am a muslim and proud to be one..

ok.. hope you will follow me n enjoy!!! bye 4 now.. : )